How Will You Get Involved in 2014?

As the first month of 2014 draws to an end, I find myself considering how to divide my precious resources. Time, effort, currency, energy, emotion; all of these factors are weighed and calculated to try and give various causes the best possible outcome. At the beginning of the year, I was looking to try and divine the end of 2014. What would it look like? Could my choices now help shape a much larger outcome? How would I get involved in 2014?
It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day of being human. Friends, family, career, hobbies, demands and delights on all sides. Women, especially, feel the tug of many different heart strings. While trying to determine how best to separate many factors, more than anything, I considered the fate of the Great State of Kansas. My home, the dwelling place of almost all of my family, and a truly extraordinary place. What could I do to improve the quality of life for Kansans?
This year, I have decided to throw myself into KAW. Kansans deserve to have governance that is truly representative. KAW is a way for me to take all of my enthusiasm and love for Kansas and put it toward a cause I believe in.
How will you get involved with KAW in 2014?

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