Thank You Madam President

It is time to start investing in women leaders! reports that only 21% of girls believe they have what it takes to be a leader. Currently only 18% of American leadership positions, political or otherwise are held by women. Women make up merely 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs and comprise 9% of movie directors –the exact same number as in 1998.
Madam President is working to increase these numbers. Through its annual weeklong summer camp on the University of Missouri – Kansas City campus, Madam President instills confidence and teaches girls aged 10-14 leadership skills and campaign strategies. The camp serves as a valuable introduction to local government leaders. During the camp, young women are introduced to women political leaders and matched with a mentor to guide them through their leadership development. They also develop the skills necessary to run campaigns in their school.
This year’s camp is June 10-14. Start planning ahead for next year! The camp costs $250 and scholarships are available. In the meantime, show your support of this fantastic endeavor in other ways. Please visit for more information and help Madam President develop the next generation of women leaders.
Thank You Madame President.

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