Want to get involved?

As you may know, KAW is recruiting good women candidates to run for public office in Kansas. A lot of women don’t think of themselves as viable candidates unless they are asked to run. Even then, it may take some time to convince them.

So, for those of you who aren’t ready to run for the state legislature, there are more accessible opportunities for you. There is a big need for more women to be involved at all levels of government. You can get involved in local government by attending a city commission or school board meeting, or consider running when the next election comes around (sorry . . . we’re always recruiting).

You could join one of the many advisory boards or committees in your city/town. There are lots of options, which vary from city to city, including groups like the tree board, library board, airport board and recreation committee. We’ve started a list of links to city board/committee openings here, but we know we haven’t gotten every city added to the list yet. (If you see a city we need to add, please email that link to us at kansansadvancingwomen@gmail.com.)

There is a need for women to run for county commissions as well; in 2012, women held only about 10 percent of all seats statewide (in a state where we make up 50.4 percent of the total population). The next regular election for county commission seats is in November 2014, so start thinking about open seats in your county.

There are dozens of ways you can get involved in your community and make a positive difference in our state. And when you decide your next step of involvement, send us a note. We’d love to share your ideas with the other members of KAW.

Rebekah (published 6/25/13)

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