Who We Are

Mission Statement

Kansans Advancing Women is a bi-partisan Political Action Committee dedicated to electing women to public office.

Kansas has a long tradition of being a national leader in electing women to office. Kansans have been electing women to public office since before women gained the national right to vote. In 1887, Kansans elected the first woman to political office in American history when it elected Susanna Salter as Mayor of Argonia. In 1996, women held both of Kansas’s U.S. Senate seats. Furthering this tradition, Kansans have elected two women governors and women to many statewide offices, including Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Secretary of State, and Treasurer.
This proud Kansas heritage has eroded in recent years—the number of women legislators dipped to the lowest since 1988. KAW was formed to restore this tradition and raise the next generation of Kansas women public office holders. Following the 2016 election, Kansas added eight women to the legislature including 14 in the House and two in the Senate who were endorsed by KAW.

KAW recruits, campaigns for, and provides funding to progressive women candidates running for all levels of elected office in Kansas.

KAW will place more women in office by:

  • Recruiting women to run for office;
  • Training women to run for office; and
  • Supporting women candidates financially

KAW Officers

Erin Thompson, Chairperson, email
Hilary Gee, Treasurer, email
Chelsi Hayden, Member at Large
Suzanne Wikle, Secretary
Elina Alterman, Board Member
Ashley Bieck, Board Member
Dorothy Hughes, Board Member
Jessica Lucas, Board Member

Founding Supporters

Amanda Angell
Noelle Barrick
Jacob Bateson
Linda Bolen
Carly Boothe
Amy Carlson
Sonja Cashion
Brian Cobb
Kelli Driscoll
Karen Ebmeier
Stacie Engelmann
James Findley
Lauren Fletcher
Angela Fox
Leslee Freund
Lori Hanson
Heather Hall
Lindsay Hare
Abbie Hodgson
Kellie Hogan
Sara Humm
Victoria Johnson
Sarah Lamdan
Tracie Lansing
Becky Mack
Linda Maslowski
Jerry McNolty
Tony Myers
Shannon O’Bryan
Dalton Paley
John Patterson
Jason Prier
Kati Purmont
Molly Reynolds
Laura Roddy
Laura Shaneyfelt
Chris Small
Leslie Soden
Deborah Thompson
Susan Thompson
Amy Thornton
Jeff Triplett
Beth Wasson
Christine Wellner

To support progressive women candidates in Kansas, sign up for our email list or contact us at kawpac@gmail.com • P.O. Box 1996, Lawrence, KS 66044.

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